"Where the ancient meets the now"

Ascend is a Sunday evening service that bridges traditional and modern worship. It combines the ancient liturgy of Anglicanism with 21st century music provided by the Ascend Praise Band. The atmosphere is casual yet reverent, comfortable yet holy. Every third Sunday will include communion.

This is a ministry of Ascension to reach our young adults, young professionals, college students, singles, youth, new couples, unchurched, new families, and any other worshipers of our community. All are welcome!
Evening prayer & praise

Ascend supplements an evening prayer liturgy adapted from the Book of Common Prayer with praise music as we close our worship week. The service is usually officiated by a lay person who leads us in collective prayer, the center of Episcopal worship. Don't worry if you are unfamiliar with the Episcopal liturgy or the Book of Common Prayer! The order of service is included in a multimedia presentation projected in our worship space. 
Music is offered in both contemporary and traditional (with modern arrangements) styles. A brief message is also given, usually by a lay person, which can be a teaching experience, reflection, testimony, video lesson, or interpretation of Christian readings.
Ancient-future worship

Our Anglican tradition ties us to the early Christian church. We pray using ancient prayers and hymns that connect us together and with Christians who have come before us.  Within our tradition we evangelize through worship, employing architecture, liturgy, and music to focus our attention to God’s redemptive plan for us all.
However, we are free enough to use spirit lead prayer for the here and now.  In the 21st century there is an increasing social need to be rooted and connected to a community.  Our future is unsure and always changing, and even though transportation and technological advances make us more mobile than ever before, there is still a need for human connections.
What we have attempted through the Ascend service is to reconnect to our spiritual traditions through technology and modern, upbeat praise music in worship. We also strive to make our traditional worship meaningful to encourage spirit filled growth in our discipleship and walk with Jesus Christ.
A fellowship
Stick around after Ascend for fellowship and a free home-cooked meal provided by the church. Connecting to a Christian community is important, and we welcome all to join us.
A connection

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Get involved!  There are plenty of ways to serve! And we mean plenty of ways: most weeks, Ascend is presented entirely by laity, so in addition to making music and reading Scripture, you can serve as the officiant and lead the service. You can also help design, light, or provide sound for our worship space. In addition, we welcome those who have in some way been touched or called by God to share their experience and wisdom in reflective message. For more information contact the Ascend team by clicking here.
A college ministry

We feel called to connect with our community, including students at McDaniel College and Carroll Community College.  We want to provide a church family for students away from home that encourages and supports Christian growth. We have a young adult group that meets monthly with a dinner, fellowship, and Christian study.  The Ascend service often involves McDaniel faculty who are Ascension parishioners.
Need directions or a ride from Campus?  We’ll pick you up! Click here to e-mail us and we will coordinate transportation. Stay and eat with us. Don’t worry; we’ll get you back in time to study!
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