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Our Campus

We are blessed with a beautiful and spacious campus.

Among our treasures is our historic Stone Church, built in 1844 and still in use today.  That is where our more traditional Sunday worship service (8:00 am) is held as well as other traditional services such as weddings, etc. Our more contemporary and larger worship service (10:15 am) is held in the Holy Cross Hall which was built in 1975.

Our Fellowship Hall, with a commercial kitchen, is used for large gatherings.

Holy Cross Hall & Holy Cross House

Other rooms in our main building are used for a variety of activities for church and outside groups.  It also hosts The 1844 Shoppe which is a high-end thrift store.  Our spacious campus also hosts the annual Mistletoe Mart arts and craft show that attracts up to 52 artisans and thousands of customers.

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